Technology to improve children’s education

Technology to improve children’s education and health /Innovation to enhance kids’ training and wellbeing

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 The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) speak to a special open door for. The world to cooperate on 17 basic measures. That epitomize the accumulated desires of the world’s natives. Accomplishing these objectives won’t be a simple errand. And to gain significant ground, we should influence the best instruments accessible. Without a doubt in today’s advanced world. Information and Communication Technologies can possibly quicken advance towards coming to the SDGs. Applying these advancements for the advantage of underprivileged individuals in creating nations. Called ICT4D (data and correspondence innovation for improvement).

 ICT Corners in Serbia and Macedonia help displaced people interface

As a feature of its crisis reaction to help outcasts touching base in Europe. SOS Children’s Villages has set up and worked ten ICT Corners in Macedonia and Serbia since 2015. An ICT Corner is a portable compartment unit prepared to offer free WiFi. Access to PCs, printing/examining/duplicating administrations and charging stations for telephones and different gadgets. Since 2015, countless ICT administr ations given to more than 210,000 clients.

Association with BT offers access to the web in Africa

BT has associated 30 SOS Children’s Villages to broadband Internet. By means of its worldwide satellite system since. It the dispatch of the BT’s Connecting Africa program in 2013. Furthermore, computerized Health Management Systems for seven unique SOS therapeutic. Focuses in Africa executed

erased the Case Study on the association with SOS Children’s Villages made by BT.

Open Space Literacy: Community inclusion and new advancements increment education among youngsters in Kenya Intending to build education among youngsters matured 6 to 9. This ICT4D extend – the Open Space Literacy (OSL) Project – begun in 2014. Understudy and educator improvement consolidated with dynamic group contribution. And Intentional application of new advances. From that point forward. 27 schools in Nairobi province, Kenya, have taken part, and 18,000 understudies, 664 educators. 204 administration sheets. And around 19,000 individuals from the nearby groups have profited from the OSL approach. A study completed in taking an interest schools has demonstrated that OSL. Enhances both scores and participation of understudies. Search hear bangla news paper

ICT4D extend helps kids in Bolivia create life abilities

An ICT4D extend that conveys instructive support to youngsters. And high scholars with learning challenges in arithmetic, perusing, composing. And spelling made conceivable on account of the gift of gear by Mr. SIMS. And maintain subsidizing from SOS Children’s Village La Paz.

Remote learning open doors for moms by means of SMS

Content to Change is a cell phone empowered program. That utilized to enable ladies in the ranges of youngster rights and security. Money related administration. And wellbeing and cleanliness. Ladies taking an interest in SOS Children’s. Villages programs built up their own financial balances interestinglytoo. Members report inspiration to learn. Enhanced correspondence and associations with their youngsters, and better family elements. The program has scaled-up to achieve 700 individuals.

ICT4D extend applies imaginative ICT instructing strategies to science training in Kyrgyzstan

This UNESCO-bolstered ICT4D extend applies inventive showing techniques utilizing ICT to the educating. And learning of science and material science. Instructor preparing and re-preparing. New research facility hardware, and other learning materials supported by the venture. More than 150 instructors of material science and science. And somewhere in the range of 470 kids from a Hermann Gmeiner School profited.

Cisco Networking Academy shows youngsters ICT attitudes

Upheld by Cisco. This venture means to show youngsters ICT fundamentals. And build up their aptitudes in utilizing data. And correspondence advancements. Toward the end of the 2014 school year. The 85 youthful members will have had the chance to take a Cisco. Networking Academy confirmation exam. Expanding their employability.

PC Learning Centers give ICT access to kids in Bangladesh  

SOS Children’s Villages Bangladesh built up Computer Learning Centers in seven areas. To enhance ICT access for kids in SOS family fortifying projects. PC Learning. Center courses intend to improve learning about basic operation framework capacities, programming applications. Data security, and their uses for scholastics and profession related assignments.

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The Top 10 hottest new Technology products from CES


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Smart watches keep on being a hot subject heading into 2016. China’s Huawei has the absolute best looking offerings.

The Watch Gem and Watch Exquisite, offering in mid-2016 for $599 US and $499. Run Google’s Android Wear programming and are gone for ladies.

The Watch Gem has 68 Swarovski zirconia precious stones encompassing its roundabout 42-mm body. The watch face is warily  on in low power mode and lights up into full action when tapped. “We needed it to be more ladylike and something that ladies would be more pulled in to.” says representative Pursue Skinner.




Wearables additionally keep on being huge. With organizations and business people actually. Attempting to cover each body part with network and sensors.

Montreal’s Hex skin reported another shrewd shirt, which measures its wearer’s cardiovascular and breathing movement. The shirt, and also the GPS beacon that slips into it, offers for $449 in Canada. Hex skin CEO Pierre-Alexander Fournier says the shirt works superior to wrist-worn. Wellness trackers in exercises, for example, hand to hand fighting, boxing or b-ball. More Info

“We measure things that are difficult to quantify on the wrist,” he says. “Also, on the off chance that you need to do group activities, you can’t wear things on your wrist.” more info bangla newspaper

Lego Education

Lego Education

Lego Education

Toys are anxiously a hit at CES. Regardless of the possibility that they are instructive. Which is the thing that Lego is going for with its new WeDo 2.0 unit.

The set, which sold to schools, intends to acquaint kids in Evaluations 2 with 4 to straightforward programming. a kind of thinned down form of Lego’s full Mindstorms apply autonomy toys.

The base set, which gives kids a chance to make and program little Lego robots, begins at $169. with a different educational modules bundle costing $270.

A classroom of 30 understudies can prepared for under $2,000. as indicated by representative Leshia Hoot. “It breathes life into science in the classroom,” she says.Virtual the truth was the greatest news at the current year’s CES. with organizations touting various headsets, controllers and applications.

Taiwan’s HTC is one of the organizations driving the accuse of its second-era Vive Pre headset. Which is more minimal and agreeable and highlights enhanced focal points. and additionally refined handheld controllers. The Vive Pre additionally has a front-confronting camera for identifying. its wearer’s environment and keeping him or her from strolling into things. It’s an incredible affair, yet regardless it needs a powerful PC to work. HTC will begin taking pre-arranges in February with a normal ship date in April. Despite the fact that the organization has not yet reported the cost. San Francisco-based Oculus, its primary rival. Arrangements to offer its Fracture headset for $599 US later in 2016.
Toys are dependably a hit at CES, regardless of the possibility that they are instructive. Which is the thing that Lego is going for with its new WeDo 2.0 unit. The set, which is sold to schools, intends to acquaint kids in Evaluations. 2 with 4 to straightforward programming, a kind of thinned down form of Lego’s full Mind storms apply autonomy toys. The base set, which gives kids a chance to make and program little Lego robots. Next Page bangladesh news paper


Modern Technology In the world


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has given children and teachers alike new tools in the classroom. Lesson Cast, discussed on Teach Thought. allows teachers to post short lesson plans to a network for other teachers to view and add their input. Three-ring binders have now gone digital and students can use Live Binder for free to organize, their research papers or search for information on particular topics. Students are able to post their notes to binders and share them with fellow students.A new piece of medical technology in 2014 is Home Heart Check. This handy device is capable of monitoring heart readings despite being the size of a pen. It can be plugged into a computer to view the recording, and the software enables it to be sent electronically to a physician if needed. Need More

Modern technology isn’t just for humans. Dogs now have a new “toy” to play with as well: their very own dog-activated outdoor water system. This system is attached to the outside of the house, and it will sense a dog’s approach and activate, releasing water for him to drink.


This new technology company aimsat personalizing content for optimal learning. The platform monitors the student’s activity and uses the information to give the student the best-personalized resources based on their level of performance.

Live Binders

Those handy three ring binders are now digital. Using the same idea as pinning and bookmarking, the binder allows educators to collect and organize resources for lesson plans.

Donors Choose

Funding websites are popping up all over the Internet. People who are frustrated with the bureaucracy of grant writing decide to strike out on their own and build a project from the ground up. With Donors Choose, you can pitch your idea for your classroom.

While not a technology per se, this teaching model is using technology to change the way instructors teach. Rather than spending the class time lecturing the students, the lectures are delivered to the student’s in video format for them to watch at home (or in study hall).Consider how charge cards acknowledged as installment.

With present day innovation contrasted with the past. Quite a long time ago, workers needed to take a physical impression.  The Visa with a little hand device that squeezed. The card against carbon paper and exchanged the picture onto a bit of paper. Today, Visas swiped through a little card peruse and installment by made. Requests handled much quicker, making it likely for workers to administration. More clients in a similar measure of time.  Live TV  bangla news site

Notwith  standing making forms speedier. Innovation likewise makes it simple to stay up with the latest. Rather than looking through a room of file organizers and attempting to think about how data put.  Away with a specific end goal to upgrade a client address. a couple snaps of the mouse and can pull up a client document from a database. What used to take a few minutes to an hour should now be possible immediately.

When you comprehend what innovation can acomplishes for your business. Odds are you’ll need to execute mechanical answers. For make your own particular business more effective. Here are a few thoughts to kick you off…next newspaper bangla

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